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We have the most advanced technology in all the manufacturing operations which are managed by highly qualified and competent personnel.Our manufacturing unit has the state of art& machines that are responsible for its strength in fabrics Rapier Looms& Jacquard Rapier.

Well- trained dedicated team in the use of the machines are the reason for the success of the end product which add that quality and class to it.  A highly motivated workforce that is inspired to work and produce nothing but the best and to the satisfaction of the customer that has come to be its key to success. 

Machinary & Equipment

Machinery :  1. 60 Rapier Looms
   2. 20 Jacquard Looms
   3. 108 Power Looms
   4.15 TFO’s (Two for One)
   5. AutoMatic Warping   6. Power Loom Plain Warping
Electric Load :   325 KVA (H.T.)
Product Capacity :   4.00 Million Meters (per annum)

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